Give your Oklahoma City break room a new image and more product choices


Employees love the open concept

Professional, no-cost micro-market service that transforms your Oklahoma City break room.

  • Today’s preferred workplace refreshment solution

    With open racks and glass door coolers, micro-markets provide a way for employers to offer a broad variety of snacks, drinks, and food at no extra cost. Employees love the updated look and shopping experience and we provide all the equipment and products.

  • Secure self-checkout kiosk

    Employees can shop the micro-market any time of day, thanks to the easy to use touchscreen kiosk. Simply select your items, scan, and pay using any form of payment from cash to your mobile device. The kiosk and payment processing are secured.

  • Customized unique selections

    Ensure your micro-market has the special offerings your employees want, including healthy alternatives. We tailor the snacks, drinks, and food options to match each location and further rotate in new, exciting products to keep the market interesting.

More options + better refreshment experience = improved workplace culture

Micro-market service for the smaller location

The Avenue C Express offers more selections than vending machines and flexible payment options.

If you want a micro-market, but don’t have the space or large number of employees, we have the solution for your Oklahoma City business. Our Avenue C Express is a nano market that offers a compact rack and beverage cooler along with a smaller footprint kiosk. The entire solution is scalable and able to grow along with your workplace.

Find out if your Oklahoma City business qualifies for the latest refreshment solution — micro-market service from Hayes 405 Refreshments at 405-495-8667 or