Transform your break room into an employee retention tool with free food and drink pantry

Provide healthy snacks and beverages

Drive up morale with pantry service from the experts in Oklahoma City.

Everyone appreciates complimentary food, including employees. We can help you offer them custom selections including fresh fruit, cereal and candy in dispensers, fresh sandwiches, and healthy snacks and drinks. Your break room becomes an enticing destination for breaks and a true employee benefit. We handle all stocking and ordering, providing just one invoice each month for the entire service.

Boost morale and employer appreciation by offering free refreshments on-site

Create the ultimate break room

With pantry service, we can help you offer the free food and beverages your employees will really appreciate in Oklahoma City.

  • Customized Programs

    Choose just the items you wish to sponsor, including healthier alternatives, fresh items, or beverages.

  • Employee Benefits

    Free food is one of the most appreciated employee perks driving up retention and corporate morale.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

    Empower positive choices with nutritious and better-for-you options available free in the break room.

  • The Ultimate Breakroom

    Complimentary food transforms your break area into a destination employees want to visit and love.

  • Your Pantry Service Partner

    A one-stop-shop for your pantry needs from serving and storage to product stocking and rotating.

  • Convenience

    Save employees time and stop them leaving your location with grab and go refreshments in the break room.

Offer an extremely powerful employee benefit — pantry service from Hayes 405 Refreshments at 405-495-8667 or